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World Of Warcraft: Rarest Obtainable Hunter Pets

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Being a Hunter in World of Warcraft gives the player several perks that other classes don’t have. It’s one of the easiest leveling experiences, one of the best damage dealers for endgame content, and another collectible in the form of Hunter pets. Each race has its own special hunter pet, such as boars for Orcs or hounds for Worgen, and these get the job done for the most part. However, part of the MMO experience is showing off rare collectibles to other players, and there are a ton of rare hunter pets.

Many of the rarest hunter pets in WoW require a detailed approach in order to find them, let alone tame them. They often only spawn under certain conditions or in specific areas and there are always other Hunters on the trail. It’s important to keep notes handy for each pet players want to tame, just in case it has a specific taming method associated with it, and of course, there’s an add-on for that.

Updated November 21, 2022, by Kristy Ambrose: The Hunter class remains one of the best options for new and returning gamers. There’s a lot of great stuff in the upcoming Shadowlands expansion for Hunters, including new pet families, a bigger stable, and some updates to the pets Hunters already know and love. Tracking down rare hunter pets to tame them can take an incredible amount of time and knowing the exact locations of some of these mobs and understanding the taming process is essential. The use of various add-ons can help if the player doesn’t want to constantly wait in a certain spot for hours and alt-tab out of the game. While add-ons can help a hunter find their quarry, it’s ultimately up to a player’s skill and understanding of each tamable mob’s requirements.

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Before Starting The Hunt, Consider These Add-ons

Alt Character Toon Orc World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic

As with hunting for any kind of unique item in World of Warcraft, taming WoW rare Hunter pets can be a tedious, lengthy task. Many dedicated collectors will spend weeks, months, and even years for the chance to pick up some of the rarest. The add-on scene in World of Warcraft is immense, and there are several helpful mods to aid in the task of expanding the player’s collection of rare hunter pets.

  • The Hunter’s Menagerie
    : This add-on is an all-in-one tool for tracking, cataloging, and taming hunter pets throughout Azeroth. A must-have for the serious collector.

  • RareScanner
    : Scans the local area for rare mobs, treasures, and NPCs. Can be very useful for finding the pathing of tamable mobs.

  • RareAlert.
    Similar to RareScanner, this add-on covers Dragonflight and Shadowlands in retail and Northrend in

  • Hunter Traps Bar.
    Sometimes using a trap is handy for taming a beast that has stealth or dash abilities, and this is a helpful add-on for the class generally.



15 Sabertrons, Available In Just One Color

Sabertron Rarest Obtainable Hunter Pets Shadowlands Beast Master

  • Expansion:
    Battle for Azeroth

  • Zone:
    Stormsong Valley

  • Taming:
    Learn Mechanical taming, which must be a one-on-one fight

Sabertrons were notoriously difficult to tame in Battle for Azeroth because they were tied to a popular world quest. Now that fewer people are spending time in the Battle for Azeroth expansion, it’s easier to acquire one of these rare Hunter pets, but it still has a few steps.

The Sabertron must not be damaged by anybody else during the fight, and the Hunter must have learned how to tame pets in the mechanical family. These are a relatively rare spawn and are only available in red, though other colors were available during the expansion’s run.

14 The Secret Of The Ghost Saber


  • Expansion:

  • Zone:

  • Taming:
    At level 20, this is a lower-level beast ideal for grinding.

This is a rare Hunter pet not necessarily because it’s hard to find, although it is in a unique location, but only because most players don’t know about it or how to find it. The ruins of northern Darkshore are where players can find this cat pet, which resembles a white leopard and has translucent skin. It has the same stats and abilities as other level-20 cats, but can only attack once.

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Unlike other animals that require tracking, the Ghost Saber doesn’t pat around randomly. The area where it dwells, the northern part of Darkshore, is decorated with a few small cat figurines. Touch one for a chance to summon the Ghost Saber, and it will likely take a few tries. Other players will be after this spawn for the Glowing Cat Figurine he drops, a trinket that summons a temporary Ghost Saber pet for anyone.

13 Elegon, The Spirit Dragon

Elegon Rarest Obtainable Hunter Pets Shadowlands Beast Master

  • Expansion:
    but in
    Mists of Pandaria

  • Zone:
    Mogu’Shan Vaults Raid

  • Taming:
    Learn Spirit Beast taming, available to Beast Mastery spec only

Elegon is the newest rare available for taming in Shadowlands. To tame this beast, the Hunter must travel back to Pandaria and face this boss in the Mogu’Shan Vaults raid. It’s very solo-able, but still takes a good bit of time to complete.

For the first time, Hunters in Shadowlands can tame Cloud Serpents, but Elegon surprisingly does not count as one of these. It’s under the Spirit Beast designation instead and is therefore only tamable by Beast Mastery Hunters. The look alone classifies it as one of the coolest hunter pets in WoW.

12 The Argus Duskcloak Panthera

Duskcloak Panthera Rarest Obtainable Hunter Pets Shadowlands Beast Master

  • Expansion:

  • Zone:

  • Taming:
    Use Fresh Talbuk Meat on a non-aggressive Panthera

The Duskcloak Panthera is the first beast listed here that requires specific steps to tame. While traveling Argus, hunters may get an exclusive rare drop called Fresh Talbuk Meat. The Hunter must gather a few of these, be patient as they have about a 1% drop rate, and then find this Panthera either at the Seat of the Triumvirate or in Krokuun.

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The player must make sure they have no followers and that no other players are nearby to interfere with the taming process. Avoid getting aggro and use the Fresh Talbuk Meat on the Panthera and then attempt the tame. It will fail if the player has aggro or doesn’t aim the Fresh Talbuk Meat correctly.

11 Skarr and Karkin: The Dynamic Duo

Skarr Karkin Rarest Obtainable Hunter Pets Shadowlands World of Warcraft

  • Expansion:

  • Zone:
    Molten Front, Fireplume Peak

  • Taming:
    Interrupt spells, wait 12 hours for the next spawn

Skarr is a rare panther and Karkin is a crab, and both of them spawn in the Molten Front. They appear in the same locations but at different times, about 12 hours in between spawns on average. The hunter must go to the top of Fireplume Peak, a trial in and of itself, and then find the spawn points on the bottom right of the Fireplume Peak area.

The taming process is pretty simple. They will cast spells that interrupt the tame, so be sure to disengage and silence the rare before continuing the tame. As long as it’s completed, players will have their very own red-eyed chromium beast!

10 The Original Mazzranache

Map of Mulgore from
WoW Classic: How to Get to Thunder Bluff: Map of Mulgore

  • Expansion.

  • Zone.
    Mulgore, Kalimdor

  • Taming.
    A low-level pet, it only requires regular beast-taming.

One of the first rare Hunter pet spawns that ever appeared in the game, Mazzranache made the whole concept of seeking and taming rare spawns a thing. A tallstrider that’s also the subject of a quest, and sought-after for a twink leather chest piece, it can be difficult to find in these vast plains. Mulgore is a big place, especially at this point before most players have mounts or movement buffs.

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What gives this beast away is the same reason Hunters spend days looking for him. It’s impossible to miss that beautiful, bright pink plumage. It looks more like a giant flamingo than a tallstrider, and since this type of beast is great for leveling anyway, it’s even better with a giant pink Mazzranache.

9 The Stealthy Spirit Beast, Lightning Paw

Lightning Paw Rarest Obtainable Hunter Pets Shadowlands Beast Master

  • Expansion:
    but in Vanilla content

  • Zone:

  • Taming:
    Track Hidden and comb the zone, only tamable by Beast Mastery spec

Lightning Paw is one of the hardest rare Hunter pets to find in WoW, not because of a weird location but because it is stealthed at all times. This blue ethereal fox has a chance to spawn all across Duskwood but especially in bushes with eyes. These are visible from far away and can be checked quickly with a flying mount.

This rare is considered a Spirit Beast and is only available to Beast Mastery Hunters. It’s an easy tame, but the player has to find it first, so be sure to keep Track Hidden on for extra stealth detection.

8 Loque’Nahak, Tester of Patience

Loquenahak Rarest Obtainable Hunter Pets Shadowlands Beast Master

  • Expansion:
    Wrath of the Lich King

  • Zone:
    Sholazar Basin

  • Taming:
    Camp is one of the many spawn locations in the zone, only tamable by Beast Mastery spec

Loque’Nahak is an infamous tamable beast from the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It is on a very long respawn timer, making it a hotly contested tame, and can spawn all across Sholazar Basin. However, the taming skill requires no specific steps aside from finding the rare beast.

This beast-like many others is considered a Spirit Beast and must be tamed by a Beast Mastery Hunter. Be warned that many players have camped his spawn locations for months to no avail, so it might be awhile to add Loque’Nahak to the pet collection.

7 The Tedious, But Beautiful, Gara

Gara Rarest Obtainable Hunter Pets Shadowlands Beast Master

  • Expansion:
    Warlords of Draenor

  • Zone:
    Shadowmoon Valley

  • Taming:
    Complex questline leads to tamable Gara, only for Beast Mastery specification

Gara the Spirit Beast is an extremely complicated tame, so much so that many Hunters have never attempted the multi-part quest-chain-like requirements. It involves killing multiple other elites around the area, confronting the Void Lord Xan, and picking berries.

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This kind of multitasking is typical to acquire a rare Hunter pet at this level and takes some planning. However, once the prerequisites are met, the tame is incredibly easy for Beast Mastery hunters, as Gara won’t fight back at all.

6 Sarinexx: Welcome To The Thunderdome


  • Expansion:
    A tameable pet
    as of the Legion expansion

  • Zone:
    Tanaris, only visible during the “Thunderdome: Sarinexx!” quest

  • Taming:
    Is classified as an “Exotic” pet. Players should be at least level 65 before making an attempt.

Sarinexx has appeared in the game before, but solely as an adversary and not as a tamable Hunter pet. What makes this badass insect a rare pet is that it only spawns during a certain quest, which isn’t repeatable. Players can get another try if they help a friend with this quest, and another loophole is that it’s possible to abandon the quest and try again.

Provided a player can jump through the required hoops, it’s one of the coolest Hunter pets in WoW to have because of the distinctive color scheme. It has the same handy skills as other insect pets, like the AoE ability Sand Trap.

5 Groyat: Hunting Blind


  • Expansion:

  • Zone:
    Razorfen Kraul, an instance in the Southern Barrens

  • Taming:
    Nothing special is required, it’s only required that players find a way into the dungeon

It’s called Groyat, the Blind Hunter, named for its milky eyes and stark albino skin. It’s one of the few white bats in the game, which is why so many Hunters seek it out. It’s one of the bosses in this dungeon, so at least it’s possible to count on the respawn. But what makes it tough is that if a Hunter tames it instead of killing it, the barrier that it guards, which blocks the rest of the dungeon, stays up.

The Hunter’s party won’t be able to move forward in this case unless they wait for the boss to respawn or reset the dungeon. Other party members might want the drops, several of which are high-quality blue items. It might be better to wait and solo this dungeon for those looking for the pet specifically.

3 Craft Your Very Own Iron Juggernaut

Iron Juggernaut Rarest Obtainable Hunter Pets Shadowlands Beast Master

  • Expansion:
    Mists of Pandaria

  • Zone:
    Siege of Orgrimmar raid

  • Taming:
    Find three items throughout the raid, combine them, and tame the summon.

The Iron Juggernaut is a mechanical scorpion available in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid only. It’s solo-able nowadays and requires the hunter to do two things: have the Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix, which allows the taming of mechanicals, and go around the raid collecting certain items.

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The Pile of Juggernaut Parts, which come from the Iron Juggernaut, Blackfuse’s Power Core from Siegecrafter Blackfuse, and a bucket of paint found on the ground in various places are all that’s needed to craft this pet and subsequently tame it. The complexity of its assembly makes it one of the rarest Hunter pets in WoW.

2 Give Fenryr A Better Home

Fenryr Rarest Obtainable Hunter Pets Shadowlands Beast Master

  • Expansion:

  • Zone:
    Halls of Valor dungeon

  • Taming:
    Clear packs near the boss, solo Fenryr, then tame the “copy” inside his cave

Fenryr was an iconic enemy in Legion as a reference to the Nordic mythological beast Fenryr. The player must defeat Hymdall on their own and make it all the way into Fenryr’s cave without dying to packs of mobs. Feign Death is essential for this tame.

The player must clear small packs of wolves near Fenryr, and then solo the boss. The player cannot directly tame the boss, instead, a tameable version of Fenryr will spawn inside of his cave if accomplished correctly.

1 Unbind the Felbound Wolf

Felbound Wolf Rarest Obtainable Hunter Pets Shadowlands Beast Master

  • Expansion:
    Warlords of Draenor

  • Zone:
    Tanaan Jungle

  • Taming:
    Find a Vial of Fel Cleansing by defeating Fel Rangari Anaara, apply it to a Felbound Wolf to make it tamable

The Felbound Wolf is a rare spawning green-skinned wolf tamable in the Tanaan Jungle. The player must first find a Vial of Fel Cleansing which drops off of Fel Rangari Anaara, a rare spawn in Tanaan Jungle.

Once the Hunter has this vial, they must use it on a Felbound Wolf to apply a debuff, at which point it is tamable. Fel Rangari Anaara is a relatively difficult rare, though, so be sure to prepare for this fight ahead of time.

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