September 23, 2023

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Using AI to enhance your dental care and retain you smiling

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In this interview, we discuss to Severin Stalder, CEO of Zaamigo, about their AI dental digicam and how it is encouraging to boost people’s dental cleanliness.

Make sure you can you introduce by yourself and tell us about your part at Zaamigo?

Hi! I am Severin and the founder and CEO of Zaamigo.

Zaamigo aims to ‘bring healthy teeth and a gorgeous smile into everyone’s attain.’ Please can you tell us additional about why you made the decision to located Zaamigo and what some of your aims and missions are?

I was pretty stunned when I very first examined my teeth. The tooth looked white in the mirror, but the again aspect was black, and there was lots of tartar. I made the decision to boost my dental cleanliness and noticed my development with a digicam. Now everyone can do the exact same and a lot much more conveniently.
We are doing work toward an “AI-dentist” with the gathered abilities of the most effective dentists. We want to make the extensive encounter of dentists offered to everyone instantaneously.

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Persons pass up 40% of tooth surfaces when brushing their tooth. Why is this, and what results are related with bad brushing?

We brush our teeth just about every day, but with hardly any comments. That’s really challenging. It is like singing devoid of listening, going for walks with out looking at, or cooking devoid of tasting.

The outcomes of bad brushing are many. Almost every person suffers from cavities, and just about half of the inhabitants has chronically inflamed gums. These disorders price tag pretty a lot of income and effect our over-all well being. The micro organism from the mouth come across their way into the whole body, even our brains.

But it is not just that. Inadequate oral health is also seen to absolutely everyone. That is why we intention for healthier enamel and a lovely smile. It is always joined collectively.

At Zaamigo, you have created a dental digital camera that is capable to give in-depth analytics of your tooth. Make sure you can you notify us additional about how this digital camera is effective and the information and facts it presents end users?

The digital camera connects to iPhones and iPads wirelessly. The photos are then analyzed on the system with our AI algorithms that were skilled on hundreds of 1000’s of pictures. We evaluate each and every picture for stains, plaque,  inflamed gums, and brushing approach.

The consequence is an overview to highlight regions that are typically missed in the course of day-to-day dental care. The amount of plaque is compared to our user foundation to give a sense of urgency. The success are also quantified and can be tracked about time.

That is the smartest camera for a balanced smile

Your dental camera is also related to a mobile application in which users can receive badges when strengthening their dental treatment. Why did you decide on to gamify your application, and what pros does this have for engaging different demographics?

We want to coach our prospects to do a far better career. There is usually really a distinction involving manual and electric powered toothbrushes. Our algorithms are in a position to detect that. They also recognize if somebody is not flossing commonly enough.

We chose to deal these recommendations into badges. It’s a playful and participating way, particularly for the younger demographic.

Your Zaamigo digicam is also developed in the shape of a toothbrush. Why did you pick this design and style for your products, and are there any positive aspects to its shape?

Our digicam has the form of a expert intra-oral digicam. Just like the toothbrush, it’s able to arrive at and perception all surfaces of the tooth. Teeth are definitely fairly modest and would be tough to see with a greater digital camera.

We are seeing amplified use of synthetic intelligence inside of health care for varying purposes. How vital of a function do you consider AI will have in the long run of health care?

A huge a single. Physical exams are rare, inconvenient, and pricey. AI and specialized sensors have the prospective to know and guideline us much greater. There are so several examples to realize our snooze, mental health, or fertility improved.

I am a information-driven engineer. I admire airplanes that grow to be safer with each individual accident. It would be magnificent if we made our wellness in the similar way – personalized and drawing from the vast practical experience of the total of humanity. AI could empower us to do that.


Impression Credit score: Zaamigo

Zaamigo is an formal ETH spin-off. In the latest a long time, we are seeing a lot more spin-off firms emerging from Universities around the environment, specially in Europe. How important are spin-off organizations in furthering the continued improvement of many scientific sectors, and what will make spin-off organizations like Zaamigo exclusive?

Spin-offs are magical places in which a ton of innovation happens. Extremely educated individuals operate with each other with the velocity of mild to convey the most recent benefits from academia into the marketplace.

Even the founders at times undervalue their possible effects. Thibaut Weise, for illustration, was requested during his Ph.D. examination if his technological innovation would at any time be mobile. He affirmed and jokingly added that it would need a massive backpack with GPUs and batteries. His know-how created it into every single Apple iphone only 8 years later.

What’s subsequent for Zaamigo? Are there any enjoyable tasks/partnerships in the pipeline?

There are pretty fascinating tasks in the pipeline. We just can’t hold out to combine the hottest benefits from the lab into our products. Keep tuned and comply with us intently.

Where by can audience find much more facts?

On our site:

About Severin Stalder

Severin Stalder is the founder and CEO of Zaamigo. Earlier he worked at the Augmented Reality corporation Magic Leap and on the 3D scanner CEREC Primescan at Dentsply Sirona. He holds a Ph.D. from ETH Zurich and studied Electrical Engineering at EPF Lausanne and the University of Tokyo.Severin Stalder