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How to get all Snail Pets for Briggul’s Snailspiration Quests

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World of Warcraft’s Zaralek Cavern continues the main campaign story of the Dragonflight expansion with new quests, a new Renown faction, the Loamm Niffen, and loads of new enemies and challenges. Although the mole-like Niffen are the stars of this new WoW update, Zaralek Cavern also features a new “hidden” faction with which players can earn reputation – the Glimmerogg Racers.

As the name implies, players will raise their reputation with this faction through somewhat unconventional means: racing. Specifically, snail racing. Read on to learn more about how collecting and leveling snail battle pets can help players speed their way to max reputation with this new faction.


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How to Unlock Snail Racing in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Snail Racing in World of Warcraft

Upon reaching Renown 7 with the Loamm Niffen, players will unlock an all-new activity they can participate in within Zaralek Cavern: Snail Racing. Players can pick up a quest called “TICKET: Glimmerrogg Games,” which will lead them to the southern town of Glimmerrogg, where they’ll start their snail racing career.

Here, players will meet the town’s inhabitants, who are cavern drogbar, accompanied by many Niffen revelers participating in various festivities. Players may recall their adventures in Highmountain’s Stonedark Grotto during the Legion expansion, where they first encountered not only the drogbar but their affinity toward snail racing.

Briggul in World of Warcraft

In Glimmerogg, players should seek out one drogbar in particular, the snail racing enthusiast Briggul, located at coordinates (44.2, 80.0). He’ll offer a quest, “Come Snail Away,” to introduce players to the intense world of snail racing and unlock the Glimmerogg Racer faction. While the snail racing activity in Zaralek Caverns is undoubtedly a “don’t miss” attraction, the ultimate reward for achieving maximum reputation with the Glimmerogg Racers is the illustrious and fabulous Big Slick in the City mount.

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Earning this gorgeous rock snail ground mount can take nearly a month through completion of the sole daily quest Briggul will offer each day. However, there’s a way to speed up this process and gain a large chunk of reputation through an alternate activity: battle pet training.

It’s quite apparent that Briggul is an ardent admirer of snails, and he is extremely particular about who he entrusts with the reins of his cherished Big Slick. However, apparently, he’s a fan of both racing and fighting using snails. Alongside his daily quest, he also offers players the chance to display their proficiency in snail wrangling by showcasing level 25 snail battle pets they have trained.

Where to find all Snail Battle Pets for Briggul’s Snailspiration Quests

Briggul offers a series of fifteen, one-time completion “Snailspiration” quests, each requiring the player to show him a specific level 25 snail battle pet. The pet must be level 25, the maximum for battle pets, or it won’t be considered for quest completion. Completing a Snailspiration quest will award the player with 100 Glimmerogg Racer reputation, which adds up to a hefty 2500 reputation after showing him all qualifying snails.

Scooter the Snail in World of Warcraft

Briggul is interested only in seeing snails he’s never seen before, so it’s essential to know just which pets will unlock and complete Briggul’s Snailspiration quests. Here’s the complete list of the eligible pets and their locations:

Battle Pet

How to Get It

Amethyst Softshell

Drops from rare spawn Amethyst Spireshell in the Nazjatar zone.

Archetype of Vigilance

The potential result of Protoform Synthesis in the Zereth Mortis zone.

Blackchasm Crawler

Wild pet battle in The Eternal Palace raid dungeon.


The potential result of Protoform Synthesis in the Zereth Mortis zone.

Mudshell Conch

Wild pet battle in the Highmountain zone.

Predatory Helicid

Wild pet battle in the Zereth Mortis zone.

Prismatic Softshell

Purchasable at Revered with Waveblade Ankoan faction.

Rapana Whelk

Wild pet battle in the Dread Wastes zone.

Rusty Snail

Wild pet battle in the Ashenvale zone.

Scooter the Snail

Obtained during the Children’s Week seasonal event.


The potential result of Protoform Synthesis in the Zereth Mortis zone.

Shimmershell Snail

Wild pet battle in the Darkshore zone.

Silkbead Snail

Wild pet battle in Gorgrond, Spires of Arak, Talador, and The Jade Forest.

Spireshell Snail

Wild pet battle in the Nazjatar zone.


Achievement reward earned by helping Zoom win the snail race in Stonedark Grotto, in the Highmountain zone.

World of Warcraft is available now on PC.

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