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Best Hunter Pets Added In WoW Dragonflight

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One of the biggest updates for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight opened the gates of the once Evoker exclusive zone, the Forbidden Reach, to every class in the Dragon Isles. For Hunters, this, of course, meant an influx of new native pets to tame!

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Unless you’re only roaming the Dragon Isles to amass various species in your stable, Pets are loyal companions to any Hunter spec as they are crucial to their gameplay during PVP, Raids, and Dungeons. However, what Hunters consider the best pet is closer to its aesthetic appeal and family ability than the overall damage, which is roughly equal for every pet. So, let’s look at what the Dragon Isles have in store for us!



7 Veilwings

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight Veilwings

Veilwings date back to the Shadowland expansion, where they were untamable beasts. With Dragonflight, there has been an addition to the Hunter pet family called the Lesser Dragonkin. Since Veilwings are akin to feathered Drakes, they’ve also made into this family. However, there’s a catch to taming them, and this requires the “How to Train a Dragonkin” tome, acquired after hitting renown 23 with the Valdrakkens.

Since they are Lesser Dragonkin, they have the Ferocity Ability Primal Rage, which buffs haste for every party member, a passive leech ability, and the Pet family ability Shimmering Scales. To get your hands on one, you must journey back to the notorious Shadowlands, as they are native to Ardenweald. You will find four different colored variants of it over there.

6 Ice Bears

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight Ice Bear

Bears have humble beginnings from the Vanilla WoW era, and have ever since made their way into every expansion pack. As such, Dragonflight has two Bear species that go hand in hand with the Dragon Isles’ primal theme. But what really strikes those running a Hunter build are the Ice Bears that come in six chilling flavors with their protruding icy spikes.

The icy tundras of Azure Span are the perfect habitat for these beasts. However, snagging one is like pulling teeth, as you’ll need to be a Skinner that can craft Elusive Bait to lure them out. One particular Ice Bear variant — Frostjaw — however, can be tamed without much effort as it’s a quest spawn located in Azure Span. It’s one of a kind, making it an alluring beast for every Hunter to catch.

5 Cloud Serpents

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight Cloud Serpents

Akin to Loongs in Chinese folklore, Cloud Serpents belonged to the Serpent Hunter pet family until they became part of Lesser Dragonkin. What’s worth noting is that Cloud Serpents still need the “How to Train a Serpent” tome to tame them, and, unless you’re a Panderan Hunter, you’ll have to return to the Arboretum in The Jade Forest to get one.

Related: World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Valdrakken Accord Renown GuideAmong the Cloud Serpents present in World of Warcraft, the one that is worth taming is the Zian-Ti Cloudbreaker. You’ll need to go through some Island Expeditions, where it spawns. While the process will make you sweat, it’s nonetheless rewarding, as the beast is alluringly clad in lightning.

4 Slyverns

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight Ohunas

A witty combination of the word sly, as in a fox, and wyvern, Slyverns are exactly what their name says. Oddly, these fall in the Feathermane category despite lacking feathers, a noticeable aspect of the family. Nonetheless, the Dragon Isles are teeming with them and are even present in the Forbidden Reach.

However, ensure you have the “Tome of the Hybrid Beast” back from the Legion expansion, as it is needed to tame one. Once you get it, you’re good to go. There are various benefits that Slyverns provide to their Hunters, including fall damage negation. This can come in handy in certain scenarios.

3 Spectral Armoredons

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight Spectral Armoredons

Beast Mastery Hunters are a cut above the rest of the Hunter Specs, due to their superior gameplay potential and the exclusive exotic pets they have access to. One such exotic pet is the elusive Spectral Amoredon — Bloodgullet — part of the Spirit Beast family.

Related: World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Beast Mastery Hunter Complete GuideSince it’s a rare beast, there’s a catch to obtaining Bloodgullet. It’s invisible, and unless you interact with the “Essence of Awakening” at coordinates 85.7, 20.8 in Timberstep outpost, the beast will remain as so. That’s an hour-long buff that will expose Bloodgullet to you. Time is fleeting, so work your way to coordinates 67.6, 43.4 in Ohn’ahran Plains, where you’ll find it patrolling the area.

2 Fey Darters

World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight Fey Darters

Among the new species of Lesser Dragonkin, the one that sticks out the most are the Fey Darters. These have a similar snag to the Veilwings, as they need the same “How to Train a Dragonkin” tome. Aside from that, their abilities are that of a typical Lesser Dragonkin. So, there’s not really much to look for in that department.

However, what Fey Darters have going for them are their vibrant color patterns. These magnificent beasts resemble winged chameleons and come in three different forms. You’ll get the Spectral Variant near Sri-La Village in the Jade Forest. On the other hand, the orange and blue ones are at coordinates 33.8, 75.6 inside a cave in Valdrakken.

1 Ohunas

Ohunas WoW Dragonflight

While the Ohunas have a handful of appearances ranging from color variation to slight changes in their horns, many have their eyes set on the Horned Black and White Ohuna. This Bird of Prey spawns as Vaniik The Stormtouched in the Ohn’ahran Plains around the Sagecrest Pines.

What sells Vaniik is the rad windy trail effect coming off from its tail which other Ohunas lack. Moreover, after delving into the Ohn’ahran Plains lore, you will come to know that it’s actually the Corrupted Child of Ohn’ahra, the Wind Deity. All this makes up for a rare spawn that every Hunter eagerly awaits, which often leads to a bloodbath among Hunters.

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